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Thank you to the London Magic School for the session this afternoon. My son emerged and announced that it was probably the best thing he’s done all summer 😊

Step into the extraordinary world of magic at The London Magic School – the premier destination in the UK for young wizards and wonder-seekers. With no other magic camps or schools around, we’re dedicated to nurturing every child’s innate magic, fostering skills in communication, resilience, and confidence, igniting a spark that lasts a lifetime.

Why book our London Magic School Workshops?

Spark Creativity

Unleash your inner magician! Our workshops are a playground for creativity, inspiring students to dream up fantastical illusions, mesmerizing tricks, and unleash their boundless imagination.

Make Friends

Our workshops are not just about tricks, they're about forging friendships, sharing laughter, and creating unforgettable memories with fellow enchanters-in-training.

Build Confidence

Be the star of your own show! Our workshops offer a stage for students to dazzle and delight, building confidence as they master mind-bending magic and charm audiences with their newfound skills.


Not only are the classes are engaging and fun. But after the course students will be ready to show and perform all their tricks for their family and friends!

Boost Communication

Unleash the magic of effective communication! Our workshops teach students how to captivate audiences with spellbinding tricks, enhancing their ability to articulate ideas and connect with others effortlessly.

For everyone!

We believe everyone is magic! Our workshops celebrate diversity, ensuring every student, regardless of background or ability, feels welcomed, valued, and ready to shine.

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Get ready to amaze all your friends and family in our inclusive magic workshops for all ages!

We are proudly the first (and hopefully the best ;P) magic camp in the UK!

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