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Anytime Anywhere 6 Week Magic Course

My 11 year old son has thoroughly enjoyed the 6 week course run by Thomas at the London Magic School. The lessons are brilliantly planned so that each week has a new focus and Joseph has learnt such a great range of new tricks. Thomas also encouraged the children to share their favourite tricks which was great for my son's confidence. I would definitely recommend these classes and we will certainly be signing up for more. Thank you for everything!


Joseph's Mom (11 year old young magician)

Isky loves Thomas' magic classes. He is completely gripped and engaged and after each lesson the rest of the family get to enjoy a wonderful magic show.


Isky's Mom (8 year old young magician)

What your young magician will learn in these 6 weeks:

Create the Magic Moment!

Week 1

Perform some amazing rubber band tricks for your friends and family and learn how to make your tricks more magical!

Kitchen Magic

Week 2

Perform magic at your next Sunday Dinner with everyday objects and amaze your family and how to always be ready to perform!

Eye Popping Magic!

Week 3

Make your friends and family eyes-pop out with super visual coin tricks and tips of how to make your tricks look super cool and professional.

James Bond of Cards

Week 4

Always wanted to show off with a deck of cards? Now is your chance! Learn easy to do card tricks and become the the James Bond of cards!

Reading Minds

Module 5

Read your friends minds and get amazing reactions! And get tips on how to never lose your audience attention.

Build your own Show!

Module 6

Build and be ready to perform your own magic show! Tips and tricks of how to build your best magic show!

Added Bonuses !

You get all these bonuses when you book the course.

1-1 Private Coaching Session

Bonus 2

Is your young magician struggling to learn magic or is it his first time learning a trick? We are here to help! As soon as you join, your young magician will get a FREE 30 min video call with our teachers so you can ask all the questions you want!

Video PDFs with all the Tricks and extra Tips

Bonus 3

Missed a class? Don't worry! Our students will receive a video PDF with all the tricks and extra Professional Tips on how to make those tricks into real miracles!

Video PDFs is a document with short videos so you get the best from reading AND video at the same time!

The Best Books and Videos to Learn Magic

Bonus 4

Does your young magician want to learn even more?? We have you covered! Your young magician will receive a PDF with a list of our favourite magic books and videos. From card magic, coin magic, general magic, impromptu, street magic and much more!

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to be in London to join the course?

No! That's the amazing part of an Online class. You can join anywhere in the world, you only need a phone/laptop with access to Zoom and some everyday objects and you are set to go!

Is it a prerecorded course?

Yes. It's a 6 week virtual course super easy to follow with videos, PDFs and tons of tips.

How long will it take me to finish the course?

The course is intended to be finished in 6 weeks (around 1hr per week). But if you would like to go faster you could finish the course in 1 or 2 weeks. There are more than 20 tricks so we recommend all of our students to take their time and practice before they start to explore new tricks.

I want to give this as a gift to my kid, but they don't know any magic. Is he/she suitable for the course?

Yes! We teach super easy to do tricks, so they can focus on having fun and improve along the way!

My child is really shy. Is this magic course good for them?

Yes! Magic is perfect for kids so they can improve their confidence and presentation skills. Through play, the kids get to perform AND have a great time!

My daughter is interested in magic. Will this be appropriate for her?

Definitely! Although historically, more boys than girls get into magic, in recent years that has been changing slowly.

There are more girls than ever before performing magic and the percentage of girls learning magic is increasing every year!

My kid has already learned a lot from YouTube and other magic kits. Is there something here for him/her?

Yes, definitely! The classes are suited for all levels. Even if your kid knows many tricks, they would be able to polish what they know already and bring their magic to another level.

There are many tricks and magic sets, but it is super easy to get lost with all that information. So that's why we created this course. A fun and easy step-by-step course for beginners!

Will these tricks actually fool people and adults?

Yes! You will be surprised... Some of these tricks that we teach they have even been performed by professional magicians all around the world!

If you still have any questions about the classes please feel free to us at

Your Teacher

Thomas Dixon

Hi, I'm Thomas and people know me as the Charming Chilean Magician! I'm a full-time magician based in London. I've been doing magic for the past 15 years and have been magic teacher for the last 3.

I founded the London Magic School last year because I felt that there was a space missing for all the students and novices in magic that wanted to learn, share and become better magicians (and of course better human beings) .

In the beginning of my magic career I studied magic by myself and I know how difficult and overwhelming it is to find good magic and step-by-step learning

Years after having been a self-taught magician I went to 3 different magic schools and my knowledge and magic skills skyrocketed! So I know how helpful it is to learn magic next with a teacher.

I'm super excited to show you some really cool secrets I've learned through my career :)!

You can find my website here:

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Why learn at the London Magic School?

Amaze friends & family!

Learn some cool and mind-blowing tricks that will make your friends' and family's eyes pop out!

 Have fun!

Not only are the classes are engaging and fun. But after the course, students spend hours performing and practicing fun tricks!

Easy to do

Even the most difficult tricks are broken down into small and simple steps that anyone can do.

Become more creative

Students learn how to bring their unique characteristics and qualities to their magic.

Make new friends

Learn how to make friends using magic tricks.

Become more confident

Each and every student is encourage to get on their feet and perform outside of the class.

Have Questions?

Have a question about the course? Or would like to learn more about the London Magic School?

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