Leicester Secret Magic Club

Why join our class? They are:

Great for Beginners!

Even if your young magician has never done magic before, this is the perfect class for them!


Learn some cool and mind-blowing tricks that will make your friends' and family's eyes pop out!​

Great place to make new friend

Join our supportive and relaxed club of friends! ​

Fun way to become more confident

Each and every student is encourage to get on their feet and perform during and after the class.

Great fun!

Not only are the classes are engaging and fun. But after the course students spend hours of fun practicing and performing

Grea for all learning styles

Even the most difficult tricks are broken down into small and simple steps that anyone can do.​

Want to book your first magic class?

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What parents and young magicians are saying about the classes:

My son emerged and announced that it was probably the best thing he's done all summer 😊
Siobhan Ridgeway
Isky, loves Thomas' magic classes. He is completely gripped and engaged and after each lesson the family get to enjoy a wonderful magic show.
Mother of Isky
Isky's Mom (8 year old Mother)
The classes are really fun! I've learned so many cool tricks and I now I feel more confident with my magic.
Young Apprentice
10 year old magic student


How long are the classes?

An hour of learning some mind-blowing magic tricks using simple objects!

How old does my child need to be for joining the class?

The classes are tailored for young magicians aged 8 to 14 years old.

My child is really shy. Will he be able to join your classes?

Yes! Magic is perfect for increasing confidence in a safe and supported environment. Through play the kids will learn public speaking, presentation and performance skills.

What do I need to bring for the class?

Nothing! We provide all the props and materials to perform al the tricks. And they can take them home to perform and practice!

Is this a drop-in class or do I need to book the whole term?

It’s a drop-in class. Every class we will learn new tricks and new skills. And don’t worry if you miss one, every class we do a short review of our previous class!

My kid doesn't know any magic. Is he/she suitable for the course?

Yes! We teach super easy to do tricks, so they can focus on having fun and improve along the way!

Will these tricks actually fool adults?

Yes! You will be surprised… Some of these tricks that we teach they have even been performed by professional magicians all around the world!

How do I book a class?

Check the calendar below and book your next class!

If you have any more questions, feel free to contact me at:


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