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Learn card magic in just 12 days - only 20 minutes a day -  and be ready to amaze your friends and family!

Learn Card Magic

Beginner & Intermediate Level, 20-Minute Daily Mini Classes
Online Video Sessions & Q&A classes

Are you struggling with your card magic to:

Learn Faster?

Some videos and courses just throw all the information at you or are too complicated to start. It feels that you should know a lot even before starting!

Find the Right Way to Learn?

Have you tried learning magic on YouTube? Some videos are great, but there are so many videos that are difficult to understand progressively. It's easy to get stuck and not learn more!

Know Where to Start?

If you Google 'learn magic,' you get 1.2 Billion results!! The internet is an overwhelming place to find the right thing for you.

Learn Mind-Frying Card Tricks (the Easy Way)

I will share with you some fooling card tricks that you will be able to learn in a few minutes and fool all your friends and family!

In this 12 days video course, you will learn more than 12 card tricks (one a day), but most importantly, get the real secrets on making these and every trick you learn into powerful magic!

You will learn in a super easy step-by-step process. And the best thing? You won't need to go out to buy anything. You can learn from the comfort of your own house and watch the course as often as you want!

Sounds exciting?? I'm excited too!

Magic Teacher

Card Magic Challenge Benefits

Surprise your Friends and Family!

Always wanted to show off at that Christmas or birthday party? Now is your chance! You will be the star of the party!

Exciting Hobby

Magic is a great hobby that is super fun to learn, practice and perform. And the best thing, is if you have the right teacher you can see the progress quite quickly!

Fun Way to Learn

With only 20 minutes per day, you will learn all the basics of card magic, and after your first video, you will be able to mind blown all your friends and family in no time!

Step-by-Step Learning

Are you struggling to find the right way of learning? Don't worry, I have been there!  If you follow the challenge, you will get all the knowledge you need to become a master card magician!

Life Skills

Magic helps to develop many life skills, from public speaking skills, confidence, problem-solving, patience, and resilience, just by performing card tricks!

Boost your Creativity

Learning card tricks helps you think in different ways. Lateral thinking and creative problem-solving are some of the tools that magicians use to create their tricks and be able to amaze people.

Why Learn Card Magic Tricks?

If you have seen a magician on TV or live, they were most likely performing some incredible card tricks.

Card tricks are brilliant! Simple to carry, visual, strong, and fun to perform!

Some lay people (people that don't know about magic) think that there is only one card trick - the classic pick a card, and I'll find your card. But there are probably hundreds (maybe thousands!) of card tricks or tricks with cards (will teach you the difference in the course) from cards to impossible locations, predictions, transformations, sympathetic effects, restorations, chaos and order, and many, many other card tricks!

If you can entertain a group of friends (or strangers!) with only a deck of cards, you will have a lifetime of great memories! You will be able to break the ice and perform for anyone, everywhere, anytime, all around the world, just with a deck of cards in your pocket!

Why Not Learn Magic from YouTube?

Don't get me wrong, there are tons of great videos on YouTube, but if you search for "Learn Easy Card Tricks", you will get thousands of videos that won't necessarily be great.

Some magic teachers are only "influencers", meaning that they don't perform the tricks they teach or don't have much experience with real people. Also, most of them haven't studied magic or don't have extensive knowledge of magic.

Also, it's challenging to follow progressive step-by-step learning. Most YouTube channels throw all the card tricks at you. So you never get to learn how to perform and create better magic just "perform tricks".

Lastly, many influencers on YouTube have many "bad habits" or haven't learnt a technique properly. So you will have to unlearn a lot before making some progress!

My 12-Day Challenge to You

My challenge to you is simple: join me for 20 minutes daily, every day, for 12 days. Together, we will become card masters! We'll focus on sleights, tricks and tips for your magic (psychology of magic, how to practice, etc.). You'll be ready to blow everyone's mind in no time!

I''m usually very busy with events and performing. But courses like this allow me to open classes to all students at all levels, and I love it! It's the next best thing to be right beside me practising card techniques.

This challenge is unlike any other video course you might have done. You'll have direct access to me, extra challenges, and modifications for all levels, and rather than buying more and more "trick decks" and props, you will be able to do as close as real magic with only a deck of cards! Are you excited? I am!

Magic Props

Why the London Magic School?

Step-by-step Learning

We take a complete beginner who has never held a deck of cards to an intermediate magician who knows strong tricks and can perform in front of a group of people.

Card Magic

15 Years of Experience

I have more than 15 years of experience performing magic and 6 years of learning in a magic school (yes! just like Hogwarts!). So you can be confident that you will learn from an expert!

Learn Easy Card Tricks

Real World Magic

I'm a full-time professional magician, and all the magic I teach works in the real world. No stooges, no special angles. Practical, strong and engaging magic for the real world ;)!

Easy Card Tricks

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If, for any reason (or no reason), you’re unhappy with this course, just email us for a full and prompt refund within 90 days of purchase. We stand behind all our courses unconditionally because our customer success and happiness rates are so high. We’re responsive, reliable, and we’re here to help.

Accept the Challenge and get all this for FREE!

You get all these bonuses for FREE if you accept the Challenge

£45  FREE!

A 1-1 Private Coaching Session

Did you struggle with a technique or specific tricks? Are you trying to learn something new or need feedback from one of your performances? We are here to help! If you accept and complete the challenge, you will get a FREE 30 min video call directly with me so you can ask all the questions you want!

£35 FREE!

Personalized FEEdback from Thomas

Send us a video of you performing (in front of an audience or camera). I will send you a document with suggestions and things to work on, so you can take your magic to the next level!

£9.95 FREE!

The Best Books and Videos to Learn Card Magic

Do you want to learn even more?? I have you covered! You will receive a PDF with a list of our favourite card magic books and videos.

WOW! That's £89.95 in bonus gifts!

Feedback from happy customers that chose the London Magic School!

I learnt some great tricks and really helpful techniques that I had not come across before. Thomas also provided lots of resources for me that have proved really valuable. I highly recommend working with Thomas, no matter what your ability level. The London Magic School is an exciting concept and Thomas has proved himself to be an excellent teacher of magic tricks and techniques.

Card Magician

Rehan Kamal

Amateur Magician

My 11 year old son has thoroughly enjoyed the course run by Thomas at the London Magic School. The lessons are brilliantly planned so that each week has a new focus and Joseph has learnt such a great range of new tricks. Thomas also encouraged the children to share his favourite tricks which was great for my son's confidence. I would definitely recommend these classes and we will certainly be signing up for more. Thank you for everything!


Joseph's Mom

Thomas is a trustworthy and very knowledgeable tutor. He is a good listener and very accomplished in his craft. His style is relaxed and professional. I would not hesitate to recommend his classes!


Street Performer

I was incredibly impressed with Thomas’s magic course. He is a fantastic teacher and shows you so much in a really short period of time. I had a magical Christmas learning the tricks with my daughter. Then we did a magic show at the end for the whole family. Thomas structures it beautifully so my the end of the course you can to a fully formed magic show! Then right at the end of the course we had 121 session with Thomas, an amazing way to finish the course! A magical experience thanks Thomas!

My 11 year old daughter said:
I found this course really, really fun. Thomas makes it so fun, you learn the magician’s oath, see other great magicians and then he shows you how to do the magic!!!! All of the tricks are easy to do and look really cool as well. It is easy to understand, you can watch again if you don’t get it – I definitely recommend this magic course – I loved doing it!

Oliver Holloway

Isabella's Dad

Frequently asked questions

Will these tricks actually fool people?

Yes! You will be surprised... Some of these tricks have even been performed by professional magicians all around the world!

Is this course for adults or kids kids?

Both! This course is for adults, young people or anyone (age 12+) who has always wanted to learn or take their card magic to another level!

Do I need to be in London to join the course?

No! That's the amazing part of an Online class. You can join anywhere in the world, you only need a phone/laptop with access to Zoom and a deck of cards and you are set to go!

Is it a prerecorded course?

Yes. It's a 12 day virtual course super easy to follow with videos, PDFs and tons of tips.

What if I'm terrible with my hands?

Don't worry! I know how you feel, I felt the same way, but I found out that you can actually learn tons of tricks that don't require any sleight of hand! There are tons of mind-blowing tricks used by professionals that use psychology, magic principles and other subtleties. In this course you will find tons of mind-blowing tricks that you will be able to do in no time!

How long will it take me to finish the course?

The course is intended to be finished in around 2 weeks (12 days - 20 minutes a day). But we encourage our students to practice and go on their own pace. There are more than 12 tricks, so we recommend all of our students to take their time and practice every tricks before they start to explore new ones.

I want to give this as a gift to my partner/children/nephew, but they are complete beginners or don't know any magic. Is he/she suitable for the course?

Yes! We teach super easy to do tricks, so they can focus on having fun and improving along the way!

I have already learned a lot of tricks from YouTube and other magic videos. Is there something here for me?

Yes, definitely! The classes are suited for all levels. Even if you  know many tricks, you would be able to polish what you know already and bring your magic to another level.

There are many tricks and magic sets, but it is super easy to get lost with all that information. So that's why we created this course. A fun and easy step-by-step course for beginners!

What do I need to prepare something before the course?

Nothing! Just bring a deck of cards a laptop or phone to watch the course. And lot's of excitement ;)!

How long do I have access

Forever! All the videos will be available for you for life! So you can go back and repeat the challenge any time.

What happens after the challenge?

You can re-watch the course and do the challenge again or you can check what other courses we have in our website. Also, after the course you can use your FREE 1-to-1 session with me so I can guide you with your next steps - what to learn, what books to get, how to improve, etc.

If you still have any questions about the classes please feel free to us at thomas@londonmagicschool.uk

Easy Card Tricks

Ready to learn some exciting card tricks?

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Your Teacher

Thomas Dixon

Hi, I'm Thomas and people know me as the Charming Chilean Magician! I'm a full-time magician based in London. I've been doing magic for the past 15 years and have been magic teacher for the last 3.

I founded the London Magic School last year because I felt that there was a space missing for all the students and novices in magic that wanted to learn, share and become better magicians (and of course better human beings) .

In the beginning of my magic career I studied magic by myself and I know how difficult and overwhelming it is to find good magic and step-by-step learning

Years after having been a self-taught magician I went to 3 different magic schools and my knowledge and magic skills skyrocketed! So I know how helpful it is to learn magic next with a teacher.

I'm super excited to show you some really cool secrets I've learned through my career :)!

You can find my website here: www.thomasdixonmagic.com

Learn Card Tricks

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